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CF investment company Ltd. was established in 2000, focus on mining, new energy resources, agriculture,cu-lture and other areas of equity investment business. We help enterprises to list on the domestic capital   markets and international capital market, like South Korea, Canada, Australia and the United States marke-t. CFI also provide professional counseling about business strategy, listing layout, mergers and acquisit-ions, corporate internal management, and help enterprises seek international strategic cooperative partne-rs and business partners both at home and abroad, to realize rapid financing and business development, fi-nally enhance the enterprise¡¯s brand awareness, operating performance and shareholder returns.

As one of the most growing investment company in China, CFI has a high education, high level and experien-ced management team, master or doctor degree members occupies more than 50% of the company, all of the co-re management team members have 10 years of investment and management experience in the international com-pany.

CFI set up the strategic cooperative relation with many famous domestic and foreign investment companies, large industrial group company and famous media. It realized rapid development with professional, dedicat-ed, intelligent, creative work style; and has achieved excellent performance in mining, agriculture, cult-ure industry and other fields.

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